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Dasscom DS1000ND USB Headset is a Call Center Headset with USB Jack. In Line Volume Control features. Binaural Headset Noise Cancellation Headset 270-degree Flexible Mic Boom Rotation Very Robust Plastic.

Adjustable Headband, Dual earpiece headband with bigger size, Durable, light weight, robust., Flexible Plastic Mic Boom for clear transmission, For RJ JACK/ USB with QD connector optional, Headsets for VOIP, Dialers, Soft Phones & Hard Phones, Soft leatherette ear cushions for all day comfort.

FEATURES Dasscom DS-1000ND USB Headset

• Binaural Headset for good acoustic separation
• Ergonomic and Light headset design for all day comfort
• Flexible geared Bi-Metal Mic Boom for perfect mic positioning and long life
• Noise cancellation
• Headsets compatible for Telephones and IP Phones.

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